Having mold in your home is more dangerous than you think. Mold can easily grow in humid and warm surfaces and before you know it, it multiplies to cover huge areas whether it’s on the interior part or exterior part of your home. Mold is not to be taken lightly and should be dealt with immediately. Such problems are solved by mold remediation.

Mold remediation is the method by which mold can be treated permanently and terminally leaving your house clean and safe.
Dr. Clean Air has the best professional teams for mold treatment and removal whether it’s in your air ducts, on your walls, furniture, carpets, ceiling tiles, books, magazines or in attics, basements and crawl spaces.

While it is believed that mold removal does not need professionals, it is not a “do it yourself” job and applying bleach to mold infested surfaces can only make your problem worse! Hiring specialists is your best bet to eradicate mold. The first step of the process involves the mold experts visiting your house or office for a preliminary inspection to know how many areas are infected, many of which may be hidden. Mold cannot grow without water and therefore the mold specialist can determine the source of water and eliminate it, otherwise the remediation will be ineffective and useless.

Mold remediation process involves many stages. The first is identifying the source for mold growth and all the areas which are infested. Next step is to apply antimicrobial agent which will prevent mold from growing further in wet areas. Next step is containment whereby the experts will isolate the contaminated areas from the mold-free ones. In conjunction with containment the next step involves cleaning the air is cleaned as well to ensure that mold spores, dust and airborne debris are removed from the affected areas. The next step is to remove mold-affected areas completely. The final step is to restore and repair affected areas with new building materials.

So don’t let mold get the best of your home, treat it before it’s too late.

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