The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents

The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents

We use our dryers all year long without really noticing how much dirt and lint accumulates in the vents. Cleaning dryer vents regularly is crucial for the safe operation of your dryer and for prolonging the machine’s life.

An Average homeowner does not spend much time cleaning a dryer vent causing malfunctions, which become more noticeable with every dryer use. Dryer vents can get clogged due to the amount of lint and dust that reside within, causing the dryer to take a longer time to dry clothes, sometimes as many as 2 to 3 cycles. The laundry room may feel warmer than usual and pipe lines may attain a strange burning smell. If you’ve noticed any irregularities with your dryer, it’s time to call on our experts at Dr. Clean Air to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment.

Besides saving energy, maintaining a clean dryer vent will not only give your dryer a longer life span, it will also decrease the probability of starting a fire. Lint from lint that gathers inside the vent which may causes fires. The heat emitted from the dryer while it’s on makes the lint extremely hot and since how lint is extremely flammable,e, unwanted fires can easily erupt.

Unclean dryer vents can be very hazardous to your safety and that of your home. It is highly recommended that you clean the lint out of the lint trap between each drying cycle. Calling a dryer vent cleaning professional once a year for maintenance purposes is also necessary.

The better you take care of your dryer vents, the better and safer they will serve you.


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