Ever wondered how the quality of the air your breathe affects your sleep? Cleaner air ducts can help you sleep better.
Indoor air pollution is likely worse than the pollution outdoor because we inhale it, unaware of what lies within.

Air vents are known to trap and store dust, debris, allergens, and many other pollutants. Cleaning your HVAC vents once every few years may not be sufficient enough, especially if you own pets and have too many people in your home.
It is recommended to change your furnace filers once every three months.

Back in the old days windows were left open to allow clean fresh air to circulate inside the house. Breathing bad air can actually lead to a less restful sleep. Snoring is an actual sign of restless sleep usually caused by inhaling unclean air that contains dust and pollutants.

Not only does unclean air obstruct good sleeping patterns, it may also affect our daily functions. Sneezing while the heating or cooling system is on, is a sign of your air ducts being dirty and full of bad stuff which eventually gets us sick. Not feeling well a lot of the time can actually be caused by your very own air duct vents at home! Breathing in too many toxins eventually comes with consequences.

In a recent Canadian study to measure sleep trends and quality of sleep, researchers concluded that more than half of the male participants and half of the female participants struggled every night to remain asleep. Inversely, female and male participants who had better and cleaner ventilation system slept, better, felt better (no grogginess feeling) and overall were able to perform tasks better, concentrate more and had a higher sense of logic.

Investing in regular air duct cleaning safeguards the health of the young and elderly. Bad ventilation can lead to health symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, eye irritability, headaches, fatigue, and bad sleep. If you notice any of these symptoms, have a weird moldy smell in your home, or have window condensation then it’s time to get your air ducts checked out.

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