Dr. Clean Air is an Ottawa-based,family run company that is bringing the gift of clean air to thousands of people in the area.
The team set out to provide its customers with professionally cleaned heating, ventilation, and HVAC though dedication and honest service.

The success of their six-step process sets them apart from other duct cleaning companies. Adherence to the highest quality standards in customer service and delivery of clean air means that you will be able to see the difference as well as feel it with every breath you take.

Dr. Clean Air video tapes before and after the work is done, and shows you the remarkable results. With the high-efficiency of today’s homes our central air systems are overworked and often recirculate dust and germs through the house rather than allowing them to exit properly.

Have you noticed allergies occurring, are you sneezing even when the windows are closed? This could be a result of a dusty and pollen filled venting system. When our vents collect dust they also invite dust mites and other pests to take root. These often forgotten pests can be the cause of many ailments and reactions. Have a professional like Dr. Clean Air assess your ventilation systems and clean them to avoid more serious reactions.

Have you just built a new home? Take a look in your returns and vents. Often contractors leave a buildup of drywall dust and other debris that could lessen the effectiveness of you HVAC, causing it to work harder. A blocked vent can cause cold or warm spots in your home and cost you money as the temptation to turn up the dial to compensate becomes a need.Dr. Clean Air offers affordable duct cleaning at an affordable price. There is no reason to delay, visit Dr. Clean Air’s website or call today to book an appointment and breathe easy.

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