Pest birds can be a serious health and safety threat if they aren’t under our bird control event. It’s not the birds’ fault, of course, but their waste and nesting can cause problems for people and businesses. Unfortunately, roofs, industrial units, and factories are extremely attractive places for birds to roost. While a single nest might become a workers’ mascot, a hundred pigeons won’t be.

The Risks

The fact is, that pest bird waste is acidic and can be corrosive to metals and machinery, and it can carry any of 60 known transmittable diseases. In areas where children play or where food preparation is taking place, birds can pose a serious health risk.

However, it’s not just the direct waste that is harmful, when birds nest they bring in debris from outside, can often bring in food and drop it on the floor, and their feathers go everywhere. If you are a business and a health official discovers contamination, they can close you down for days or weeks until it is properly dealt with. Allowing these birds in your space is a risk you can’t afford to take.

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For homes, small business, large corporations, and industrial facilities alike, some common bird control problems include the following:


Bird droppings aren’t just unsightly. They’re also damaging. When birds congregate on rooftops, signage, and ledges, the accumulated effects of their acidic droppings can lead to corrosion.


Like all other excrement, bird droppings carry harmful parasites, bacteria, and diseases. Keeping birds from congregating in areas where people come and go will help maintain a more healthy and safe environment for everyone.


Birds nest in drainage, ventilation systems, guttering, and the like. The resulting blockages can lead to anything from standing water to complete system breakdowns. Creating inhospitable environments for rooftop nesting is key to overcoming this problem.


Bird control issues can lead to many types of overt property damage, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • • Collapsed ceilings
  • • Fires
  • • Mechanical breakdowns
  • • Failed HVAC systems
  • • Corroded rooftops
  • • Broken window seals

The issues listed here are just the tip of the iceberg, and fighting a losing battle against pesky birds can be an expensive one.

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Take Control

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for you to deter birds or remove them entirely. If the birds are resting on roofs, ledges, fences or walls you can try a deterrent such as bird spikes. These spikes may look scary but are harmless — they simply prevent the bird from landing on that spot permanently. The spikes are often extremely cost-effective and attach with adhesive, screws, nails or ties.

Shock systems work similarly and aren’t going to leave you with fried birds. They work in the same way as electric livestock fencing; they simply deliver a mild electric shock which not only deters the birds from roosting there but also is an effective negative-reinforcement method.

If the birds are roosting in an overhang, bird netting can often be an effective solution and isn’t unsightly. It simply blocks the birds’ access and they are forced to find somewhere else to go.

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