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Air duct contamination always need to be home owners priority to take care of. When air ducts are not cleaned, they can gradually become home to rodents, insects, bacteria, mold, dust mites, debris of organic decay, pollen grains and all other sort of contaminants.  This could pose serious health issues to you or your loved ones, especially if any of you suffer from asthma or allergies. Other severe airborne disease can be spread too in the process.

Signs that you may have contaminated air ducts include:

  • Unscrew your vents or duct covers and try to check for visible mold growth and water leaks.
  • Check for possible traces of vermin.
  • Check for excessive accumulation of dust, debris, and other contaminating particles.
  • Keep in mind that the main part of the ductwork is not visible. Hence, it’s at this point that you must engage the service of a professional for a complete and thorough inspection.
  • Also, it might not be easy to determine what you are seeing – whether it is mold, mildew or another type of fungus or bacteria. This is even another reason to justify calling on a professional to ascertain the problem.

Tips for Preventing Air Duct Contamination

  1. Make sure you are using the appropriate MERV rated filter and changing regularly.
  2. We discourage the use of a built-in humidifier due to mold concerns. If you do use a built-in humidifier plan on having your ducts and system cleaned every two years
  3. When you have your air ducts cleaned make sure the system components and coils are also cleaned
  4. Correct any tears or leakage around the air ducts
  5. Check to make sure the condensate drain and pan are functional

How to Detect, Clean and Prevent Air Duct Contamination | Dustless Duct

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