a Robin attacks it's own reflection in a window of a house in Big Sky, Montana

 Birds From Flying Into Windows.  Birds crash into your windows for three main reasons. During the day, they might see a reflection of a bush, shrub, or tree in the window and think it’s a safe place to land. At night, migrating birds see the lights of your window and go towards them. A bird could see its own reflection and start to attack it, especially when a bird is territorial during spring mating season.

Window Crashers: How to Prevent Bird-Window Collisions


How To Safeguard Your Windows For BirdsNature curiosity: Why do birds fly into windows? | Forest Preserve District of Will County

Go outside and look at your windows from a bird’s point of view. If you see branches or sky reflected in or visible through the glass, that’s what the birds will see, too. Past recommendations about safe distances for feeders outside windows are no longer thought to be valid, Sheppard says. “

Tips on How to STOP Birds From Flying Into Windows

1. Install One-Way Transparent FilmFilm, film corbeille de fruits, PP, 50cm, 50m, 25my, transparent (118053), Neutraal | Cadeaux - De Verpakkingswinkel

Birds can’t see the glass that is clear and has no color to it. One way to remedy this issue is to install a transparent film over your window. Products like Collides cape allow people to see clearly through their window from the inside but will look opaque to everyone else. The transparent film can reduce the amount of light that comes in your window and can also reduce your cooling costs.

2. Add Tape Strips or Collision StickersCar Door Sill Protector Tape Bumper Scratchproof Anti-collision Strip Stickers | eBay

Another method that will keep birds away from your window is to add strips of tape or collision stickers to the outside surface. Use white tape that can withstand wind and rain. The strips of chart tape you can attach to the window. Cut either be 1/4” vertical white stripes that are spaced 4” apart or 1/8” horizontal black strips that spaced 1 inch apart. It is up to you to decide what to attach to your window along with these tape strips.

Put large window decals, collision stickers, sun catchers, Mylar strips, masking tape, or other objects like sticky notes on the outside surface. Note that bird flying silhouettes, especially those that resemble big birds like hawks, do little to deter birds.

3. Use External Sun Shades or AwningsPVC Rolling Sun Shade Awning, For Outdoor, Rs 200/square feet Divine Furnishing | ID: 21913869130

Reflective window shades are responsible for blocking out the reflection of sunlight. Transparency will be either minimized or eliminated with the addition of sun shades or awnings to your window. Different sun shades provide support in two different window exterior systems.

The Manual Crank System operates by using a worm gear. A crank wand is inserted into an eyelet that raises or lowers the shade depending on the direction in which you rotate the crank.

Minimal care and cleaning will be enough to keep your Polar Shades functioning, though they might need light dusting on a regular basis. A soft, clean cloth or feather duster should remove the light dust and debris. You can also lightly vacuum the shade fabric if you prefer deeper cleaning.

4. Try Out Mosquito ScreenMagnetic Mosquito Screen - High Quality Great Looking Flexible And Highly Durable

Mosquito screens aren’t just useful for keeping insects out of your home. They are also useful and very effective in discouraging birds from flying into your windows. There are several different types of bird screens and nets available that can keep birds away.

Look for a mosquito screen that is specifically made out of dark mesh so that it can be visible to birds, and netting that is made of durable, lightweight polypropylene.

It takes only 30 minutes to install the Secure Screen, and these screens are specially designed to have a roll-up and roll aside system, requiring only 2 inches of space for fixing. The Secure Screen also has a built-in brush that cleans the screen whenever you use it.

5. Use a Bird NetAnti Bird Netting Installation Service, Bird Net Surat - Ultra Pest Solution

Bird netting is a form of bird pest control. It is a net used to prevent wild birds from reaching certain areas. Much like mosquito screens, look for bird netting that contains durable, lightweight polypropylene materials.

Bird nets are especially useful for keeping birds out of eaves or open spaces. Cover the outside of the window glass with netting at least 3 inches from the glass to provide a firm enough barrier, taut enough to bounce birds off before they hit.

The best size for a bird net would be a small-mesh netting of around 5/8 of an inch. With this mesh, birds won’t get their heads or bodies entangled but will instead bounce off unharmed.

You can mount bird nets on a frame, such as a storm-window frame, for easy installation and removal. Bird nets can be easily secured with either net clips, hooks, or a staple gun.

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