Solar panels are a great investment in terms of the electricity they provide and the improvement to the sale value of your property. With the solar panels placed on the roof, they are out of the way and provide a considerable amount of electricity even on cloudy days. Unfortunately, the underneath area of the panels provides a perfect place for birds to nest. Understanding how to keep birds from nesting under your solar panels will help save you some grief.

Why do birds live under solar panels?

Birds love shelter and to be protected from the elements, so underneath your solar panel is the perfect place to make a home. However, this creates a problem with them depositing a significant amount of droppings and nesting materials there too. Installation of bird proofing/netting by a professional is recommended to keep birds from nesting under your solar panels.

How to stop birds from nesting under your solar panels?

Galvanized Steel Mesh

One of the most common and effective products for keeping birds away from the underside of solar panels is a galvanised steel mesh. The mesh clips to the sides of the panels and keep the birds from getting underneath.

The mesh is also weather tested. Which means that it should last for a long time with only the strongest storms and winds affecting it. Plus, the mesh still allows the air to circulate underneath the panels.


If the mesh is too expensive or not practical for your solar panels, then you can try polyurethane net as an alternative. A good, strong net allows the light to enter, is easy to install. And covers the entire area which prevents the birds from landing, much less taking up residence. The only downside is that netting does not last as long as mesh. So it will need to be checked and replaced from time to time.

Decoy Animals

An oldie but a goodie, the Owl Decoy is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep birds away from the panels. Most decoys are fairly inexpensive and often just the shape of an owl is enough to do the job. The only issue is that if the decoy stays in one place too long, the birds will think it is dead. So, you will have to move it around which may not be all that practical.


While stainless steel spikes alone may not be enough and can be unsightly, they work well in conjunction with mesh to keep the birds away. If you line the top of the roof with small spikes and add the mesh to the panels, the birds should not even land on your home. Spikes are also simple and straightforward to set up. But are not the prettiest of home decorations, so keep that in mind.

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