why expert duct cleaning

Over time, dust, debris, pollen, mold, and bacteria accumulate inside residential and commercial duct systems.

Over time, dust, debris, pollen, mold, and bacteria accumulate inside residential and commercial duct systems. While changing air filters helps trap contaminants, residue still builds up within ductwork. Dirty air ducts can significantly impact indoor air quality, HVAC performance and even your health. Expert duct cleaning services use specialized tools, techniques and materials to comprehensively remove contaminants from all types of duct systems. Compared to in-home duct cleaning, expert duct cleaning provides:

More effective contaminant removal
Ability to resolve related HVAC issues
Inspection of ducts for damage and deterioration
Use of medical-grade disinfectants to kill microbes

Why Hire an Expert?

Professionals have the expertise to:

Clean different duct types:

Experts know how to thoroughly clean rigid metal ducts, flexible duct ducts and insulated flex ducts using different vacuums, brush attachments and cleaning agents.

Inspect ducts for issues:

Experts perform detailed visual inspections and pressure tests to evaluate the structural integrity of your duct system and identify needed repairs.

Diagnose HVAC problems:

Dirty ducts often contribute to problems like temperature imbalances, airflow issues and poor dehumidification. Experts can resolve these underlying causes.

Seal duct leaks:

Experts seal tears, holes and loose seams in ducts with mastics and sealants to slow future contamination.

Increase efficiency:

Expert cleaning methods optimize airflow through ducts, potentially raising HVAC system efficiency up to 15%.

Improve indoor air:

Thorough duct cleaning by professionals captures more contaminants that degrade indoor air quality and impact health.

Provide warranties:

Some companies guarantee ducts will remain clean and HVAC systems efficient for a set period after service.

In summary, professional duct cleaning services provide thorough contaminant and microbe removal along with repairs, disinfection and sealing needed to restore your duct system. They have the skills, credentials, tools and techniques that most homeowners lack. Most importantly, expert duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, resolves performance issues, and extends the life of your HVAC system.

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