thorough air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning removes contaminants like dust, dander, mold and bacteria from your heating and cooling system's ductwork.

Air duct cleaning removes contaminants like dust, dander, mold and bacteria from your heating and cooling system’s ductwork. While changing filters helps trap some particles, buildup within ducts still degrades indoor air quality and HVAC system performance over time. For optimal results, your air duct cleaning service must be thorough to address all areas of the duct system.

How Ducts Become Dirty

Dust and other contaminants make their way into ducts through:

  • Leaks and unsealed connections
  • Open grilles and registers
  • The air intake
  • Transfer from the air handler unit

Contaminants then accumulate within the entire ductwork – on internal surfaces, in corners and joins, behind registers, and within flex ducts. A thorough cleaning addresses all these problem areas.

A Thorough Cleaning Involves:

Inspecting Ductwork

Reputable companies perform a detailed inspection to identify areas harboring the most dirt. They create a customized cleaning plan based on findings.

Opening All Registers

Technicians open and clean behind all supply and return air registers to capture contaminants that hide there. Registers are then sealed before finishing the job.

Agitating Within Ducts

Rotating brushes and air jets are used to lift and loosen particles adhered to internal duct surfaces so vacuums can capture them.

Disinfecting With Treatment

Disinfectant is applied following cleaning to kill bacteria and fungi that cause odors and health issues.

Sealing Leaks & Repairs

Any tears, holes or unsealed joints are repaired using mastic to prevent contamination and efficiency issues.

In summary, a proper air duct cleaning involves thoroughly inspecting your ductwork, identifying and repairing problem areas, aggressively loosening and extracting contaminants from all duct surfaces and components, and applying disinfectant and sealant when needed. Anything less than thoroughly exposing and addressing dirt throughout the entire duct system limits the benefits of cleaning for your indoor air quality and HVAC performance. Hiring an accredited company that performs a customized and careful duct cleaning is key.

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