Ductwork disinfecting refers to cleaning and sanitizing air conditioning and heating ductwork systems. This is an important process for:


• Improving indoor air quality.

First,ducts can accumulate dust, mold, mildew, pollen, pet dander and other allergens over time. Disinfecting ducts helps remove these irritants from the air that circulates through your home.

• Reducing the risk of illness.

Then,exposure to accumulated allergens and pathogens in ducts may increase the risks of allergies, asthma, colds and other respiratory illnesses for home occupants. Disinfecting ducts helps ensure cleaner air is being delivered.

• Prolonging HVAC equipment life.

Also,built-up contaminants in ducts require more energy to circulate and can damage HVAC components more quickly. Keeping ducts clean extends the lifespan and efficiency of furnaces, air handlers, blowers and more.

• Killing bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

In addition,the homes with sick occupants or where someone has recently been ill, disinfecting ducts helps eliminate airborne microbes that can continue circulating in the HVAC system. This reduces the risk of re-infection or spreading illness.

Some recommendations for effectively disinfecting ductwork include:

• Use a duct cleaning and disinfecting solution that is EPA registered and specifically designed for HVAC systems. These solutions are most effective at killing germs while being safe for metal duct components.

• Fogging or misting the solution into ducts or professionally spray it for maximum coverage. Wipe-down or dripping methods may not fully disinfect duct surfaces.

• Run the HVAC fan for several hours after treatment to help distribute the disinfecting solution throughout the entire duct system before allowing spaces to be occupied again.

• Disinfect ducts at least once per year, especially in homes where there are smokers, pets or frequent illness.

• The UV light duct disinfection for killing pathogens. UV radiation is very effective at disinfecting ducts without the use of harsh chemicals. However, UV treatment may require more frequent applications.

• Make sure to also perform regular air filter changes and duct cleaning for best results. Disinfecting is most effective when ducts are first cleaned of built-up debris.

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