Maintenance Checklist of Dryer Vent Cleaning

After thoroughly your dryer vent cleaning, a reputable dryer vent cleaning company will provide a customized maintenance checklist to help keep your vents as lint-free as possible between professional cleanings.


The checklist of dryer vent cleaning will likely include some or all of these recommendations:

  • Clean dryer lint filter screen before each load – This simple step removes accumulated lint before it enters your vent system. Clean filters extend the life of your dryer and vents.
  • Use lower heat settings when possible – High heat dries clothes faster but also produces more lint. Opt for the lowest heat setting that fully dries your laundry to minimize lint buildup in vents.
  • Keep dryer vent runs as short and straight as possible – Long, convoluted vent runs with multiple bends trap more lint and restrict airflow. Keep the vent ducting configuration as simple and direct as feasible.If you do a lot of laundry for a large household or routinely use high heat settings, annual dryer vent cleaning is recommended. The increased use results in faster lint buildup that needs frequent professional removal.
  • Make sure all vent connections are tight and secure – Also,over time, screws and clamps on your vent system may loosen. Check all connections yearly and tighten as needed to prevent openings that allow excess lint to accumulate.
  • Vacuum lint from lint traps and areas around dryer regularly – Then,use a shop vacuum to remove accumulated lint from trap screens, ductwork joints and spaces around the dryer. This should be every few months at minimum.
  • Keep area around dryer and vent termination clear – Make sure foliage and debris does not obstruct your dryer’s intake and exhaust areas. This ensures optimal airflow into and out of the dryer and vent ducting.

This customized maintenance plan tailored specifically to your home’s dryer and vent system can help extend the life of your cleaning between professional services. Following the recommendations and having routine checkups by a dryer vent professional is what keeps everything running safely and efficiently.

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