Since air quality directly impacts the health of you and your family, ensuring that the air in your home is clean and pollutant-free should be a top priority to you. Changing air filters throughout the year and keeping your carpets and rug clean can help, but there are more effective steps you can take to improve indoor air quality.

7 ways to improve indoor air quality and reduce air pollution in your home.

Why is indoor air quality important?

The air quality in public and private buildings is an important factor to your health. Ensuring good  in the indoor spaces that you live, work and play can improve your health as well as your quality of life. Many people spend the bulk of their day indoors. So it is important to have healthy indoor and to improve indoor air quality. This is especially true in places where weather conditions prevent people from being outside.

Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality And Reduce Air Pollution in Your Home

Don’t forget about other air filters For Improving Air Quality

Your AC filter isn’t the only thing working to keep the air clean in your home environment. If you really want to improve the air quality in your home, be sure to check the filters in your other household appliances. Your vacuum cleaner. Clothes dryer and kitchen vents should all be inspected and maintained periodically. It’s recommended to clean or replace these common household filters every few months.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment | Greenmark Home Performance

Update your thermostat

A thermostat that can push air around your home when you’re not using the heat or AC is ideal. Look for one with a circulating mode, says HVAC professional Joseph Wood, founder of Boston Standard, a heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company.

Some circulating thermostats will run your indoor fan for 20 minutes every hour, while others may allow the fan to run continuously at a reduced speed for constant airflow. If you have a smart thermostat, you may also be able to turn on the fan manually from your phone when you need some extra circulation.

 Check your air ducts.

Air ducts are responsible for distributing hot and cold air throughout your home, providing a comfortable climate in every room. But ducts that are not installed properly or maintained can distribute contaminants from one room to another. Over time, dust, dander and even mold can accumulate in your ducts, reducing the overall a. Hire a professional to make sure your ducts are circulating fresh, clean air.

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