My dryer vent needs cleaning .Dryer vent cleaning might seem like a dull task, but if you haven’t done it in a while (as in, over a year), it’s one you should add to the top of your to-do list immediately.


1-DRYING CLOTHES TAKES LONGERWhy Your Whirlpool Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry | AlphaTek Appliance Repair

Drying a load of clothing shouldn’t take longer than 35 to 40 minutes, but a dryer with a clogged vent could take two or three times as long to work. Dryer vents push hot, moist air out of dryers so they can pull in more dry air and keep drying clothes effectively. If the dryer vent clogs, moist air from the drying process won’t have anywhere to go, so it wastes energy, increases your utility bills, and wears out the heating element and blower in your dryer faster.


If there’s a burning smell when you run your dryer, it’s probably lint. Dryer lint is very flammable, and the burning smell comes from small parts of the lint in your trap or dryer hose getting very hot. Lint can even get so hot it catches fire. If something near your dryer smells like it’s burning, turn off the appliance until you have it inspected by a professional.


How To Clean Dryer Vent From Outside? (8-Step Guide) - Home Inspector Secrets


The outside vent opening is the place where the air from your dryer exits your home. Most outside vent openings are about 6 inches wide. If you see lint or debris around the opening or coming from the opening, you should have your dryer vent system cleaned. Also, if the outside vent opening’s duct hood flap doesn’t open when the dryer is on, lint has blocked or restricted the system’s air flow and you should have it cleaned.


Sometimes, a dryer can automatically shut down if excess heat is detected. In this case, clean the dryer vent and see if this resolves the problem. If not, it may be time for a new dryer.

5-CLEANING IS LONG OVERDUEHow To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean | NJ Air Quality Duct Cleaning

No matter how thoroughly you clean the dryer, lint will find its way inside and start blocking the system. Schedule an annual maintenance and cleaning service to keep your appliance working correctly.

6-The dryer tells you there’s a problem.

Some more sophisticated dryers might tell you there is a problem. There could be a warning light or an error code informing you the system isn’t working efficiently. If you have this type of message from your dryer, don’t ignore it.

7-You’ve noticed burning smells.

What's That Burning Smell Coming from Your Dryer? Solved! - Bob Vila


What does your laundry room smell like? Dirty socks is fine, but burning smells is a serious symptom of lint stuck in your dryer vent. The most significant issue with dirty dryer vents is the increased fire risk. Lint is flammable, and dryers are hot. It’s a recipe for disaster.



Why You Should Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

One of the biggest reasons you need to think about keeping your vents clean is to prevent fires. Lint and heat are the perfect environment for things to go up in flames. In fact, there are thousands of structure fires caused by this every year. With such a simple preventative measure there is no reason that these fires should happen at all. Getting your vents cleaned can save you from serious damage to your property and can even save lives and prevent injuries.

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