There are several signs that may indicate your home needs a dehumidifier:


• Excessive moisture on walls or windows.

Condensation or water spots on cold surfaces like windows, walls or metal pipes is a sign of high humidity. Also,this can lead to mold or water damage over time.

• Musty smells.

A damp, musty smell in the basement, crawl space or any room is a sign that excess humidity has caused moisture buildup. Then,mold, mildew and odors should be removed properly, not just masked with air fresheners.

• High indoor humidity levels.

The ideal indoor humidity level is usually in the 30-50% range. If humidity levels are consistently above 50% in rooms where you spend the most time, it may be worth installing a dehumidifier. Also,use a hygrometer or humidistat to monitor levels.

• Visible mold or water damage.

Excessive humidity often leads to mold growth on surfaces like concrete walls, floors or metal pipes. Any signs of existing mold, water stains or damaged materials should be addressed.

• Basements or crawl spaces.

These areas are particularly prone to high humidity and moisture issues due to their under-pressurized spaces and direct contact with foundations. A dehumidifier can help prevent musty smells and water damage in these areas.

• New construction.

Newer homes may experience excess humidity during construction and for some time after being built. Ventilation, materials, insulation and weatherstripping can help over time but a dehumidifier provides temporary control during this period.

• Flooding, leaks or plumbing issues.

Significant water exposure or leaks from water heaters, furnaces, roofs, pipes, etc. will add extra moisture to the indoor air. Repairs should be made immediately but a dehumidifier can help dry the area and prevent long-term effects.

• Air conditioning issues.

An inefficient AC unit, lack of AC, or inability to properly circulate and filter air in summer may force extra humidity into the home. Increasing filtration, ensuring good airflow and improving the AC can help, but a dehumidifier provides temporary relief.

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