Sagging flex duct is bad for air flow. We all know it. We all talk about it. Also,it turns out there’s research data to prove it, too. Here are some tips for fixing a sagging or drooping dryer vent pipe:


• Tighten joints and secure pipe clamps.

First,the most common causes of sagging vent pipe are loose, slipping joints or insecure pipe clamps and straps. Tighten any loose screws, bolts or clamps holding the pipe together to prevent sagging. Also,Metal duct tape can also be wrapped around joints and straps to provide extra grip and support.

• Install additional supports.

Then,if joints are tight but the pipe still sags, you likely need additional support. Also,Metal straps and wall mounts can be installed at stress points along the vent to keep the pipe supported. Space supports every 4-6 feet along horizontal runs.

• Suspend pipe using wires.

Also, you can suspend sagging vent pipe using steel wire or chain suspended from ceiling joists or studs. Wrap the wire around the top of the pipe and secure the ends to the framing to keep the pipe supported. This works well for vertical vent runs.

• Install vertical support poles.

Next,for longer vent runs, installing vertical metal support posts helps prevent excess sagging weight and instability down the pipe. Bury support posts in concrete in the ground and bolt the vent pipe to the posts to keep it vertically aligned.

• Repair or replace damaged pipe.

In addition,if the vent pipe is actually damaged, you will need to repair or replace damaged sections. Cut out damaged pipe and rejoin the vent using high quality metal duct tape specifically designed for dryer vent installations.

• Consider high-temperature duct.

Moreover,For high-heat dryers, using an aluminum vent pipe rated for high temperatures prevents pipe damage from heat exposure. This can help prevent issues in the first place or allow for longer spans between supports. It may begin to show damage from high heat over time.

• Obtain professional help for major issues.

Finally,it is best to hire a professional to ensure it is done properly according to building codes and safety standards. Professionals have the proper tools, training, materials and expertise to fix even major dryer vent problems.

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