Every year you light up the gas fireplace and wonder, what’s that awful smell? It’s dirt, dust and bugs burning off the logs. To avoid that this year, follow these easy steps to keep your fireplace burning cleanly and efficiently.

Here are the key steps to cleaning and inspecting a gas fireplace:

  1. First,ensure the gas is turned off and the fireplace is completely cool. This is for safety and to avoid any risk of fire or burns.
  2. Then,remove any logs or ceramic logs from the fireplace. Take them outside and brush off any built-up ash or soot. Wipe them down with a damp cloth if needed. Inspect them for any cracks or damage and replace if necessary.
  3. In addition,vacuum out the inside of the fireplace, including the burner and any vents or openings. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to get into all the nooks and crannies. This removes any built-up ash or debris.
  4. Moreover,wipe down the inside of the fireplace with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any remaining ash or dirt. Dry all parts with a clean cloth to prevent rusting.
  5. Next,inspect the burner for any damage or blockages. Make sure all ports and openings are clear. Clean the burner with a wire brush if there is any significant buildup. Replace the burner if it is cracked or damaged.
  6. Also,inspect the glass doors or fronts and wipe them down with a glass cleaner to remove any dirt or residue. Inspect for any chips or cracks in the glass and replace if needed.
  7. Then,once everything is clean and inspected, you can reinstall the logs and burner and test the fireplace to ensure everything is working properly before using it again.
  8. Finally,it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect and service your gas fireplace annually or every few years to check for any issues and ensure safe operation. They can also advise on any maintenance or repairs needed.

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