Pest bird nest can taken as  a serious health and safety threat if they aren’t controlled. It’s not the birds’ fault, of course, but their waste and nesting can cause problems for people and businesses. Unfortunately, roofs, industrial units, and factories are extremely attractive places for birds to roost. While a single nest might become a workers’ mascot, a hundred pigeons won’t be.

The Risks

The fact , that pest bird waste contain  acidic and can  corrosive to metals and machinery, and it can carry any of 60 known transmittable diseases. In areas where children play or where food preparation  taking place, birds can pose a serious health risk.

However, it’s not just the direct waste that is harmful, when birds nest they bring in debris from outside, can often bring in food and drop it on the floor, and their feathers go everywhere. If you work as a business and a health official discovers contamination, they can close you down for days or weeks until it  properly dealt with. Allowing these birds in your space  a risk you can’t afford to take.

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here are some steps to take to ensure both proper and safe removal and/or relocation:


The best way to eliminate bird nests from your property is to prevent them from building in the first place. Remove any food scraps and open trash from around your home as this invites them to feed. Make sure trash  secured tightly in containers. Place any bird feeders and birdbaths away from the home and further out in the yard. Only put out enough food for a few birds and clean up any spills regularly. Consider installing gutter guards to prevent nesting in gutters and downspouts. Vents are a common nesting place for birds so install vent covers and screens. Use perch repellents if necessary; these are rows of bird spikes installed on ledges, window sills, and around the perimeter of the roof to prevent birds from alighting on perches. You can also use visual repellents such as plastic owls, hawks, snakes, and even coyotes. If you use visual repellents, make sure to move them often as the birds will get used to them being in one place. Hang reflective bird diverters from strings on your porch also.

The best time to remove a nest  when it is still in the building stage. If you notice a bird nest already built or remove one this season, keep an eye out in the same area next season and stop it before it is fully completed.

 Check for Activity

Always make sure a nest  inactive before removing or relocating it. Never attempt to remove or relocate a nest if there are birds or eggs present. It is best to wait until after nesting season for any removal or relocation. Eggs in a nest without signs of the parents don’t necessarily mean the nest has been abandoned. The parents may be out feeding or they may have left to allow the eggs a chance to cool down.

Wait For the End of Nesting Season

The best time to remove or relocate a nest is after nesting season  over. Most birds only nest once per year; however, some species will nest 4 to 5 times. The time varies with the species of bird. Without knowing the specific species of bird, it is difficult to determine the best time to remove or relocate the nest. A professional can help identify the species you are dealing with and help determine the best time to remove the nest.


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