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When you have a professional clean your dryer vent system, any necessary repairs should also be performed as part of the service

When you have a professional clean your dryer vent system, any necessary repairs should also be performed as part of the service. This blog post covers why dryer vent repairs are an essential part of effective vent cleaning.

To start, damage to sections of your vent ducting is common due to normal wear and tear over time. Dislocated or missing joints, tears or holes in the material, and disconnected vent ducts are all potential problem areas professionals look for during inspections.

Failing to repair these problem areas can seriously compromise the performance and safety of your vent system. Loose or disconnected ducting reduces airflow, leading to increased drying times and energy costs. And torn or broken vents become fire hazards by allowing lint to collect inside walls and attics.

As a result, most reputable dryer vent cleaning companies consider repairs an essential accompaniment to cleaning services. They work to identify any damaged areas of your vent ducting during inspections.

Common types of repairs companies perform include:

  • Reconnecting loose or disconnected vent joints using clamps, tape or sealant
  • Attaching screws or clips to secure joints that have come loose over time
  • Replacing torn or punctured sections of vent ducting with new smooth-wall tubing
  • Fastening vent ducting that has separated from walls or ceilings
  • Resealing vent boots where they penetrate exterior walls to inhibit moisture
  • Installing new terminal caps or hoods to completely enclose the end of the vent

Some companies may even recommend complete dryer vent replacement if significant damage or rust is found. This ensures optimal vent performance for years to come.

In summary, while thorough dryer vent cleaning removes existing lint buildup inside your ducting,

any necessary repairs must also be performed to:

  • Restore proper airflow and drying efficiency
  • Reduce fire hazards posed by torn or disconnected vents
  • Prolong the time between needed cleanings
  • Improve the safety and reliability of your entire dryer vent system

By choosing a reputable company that both thoroughly cleans your dryer vent and performs any repairs uncovered during inspection, you can be confident your vent system is performing as safely and efficiently as possible.

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