Duct cleaning is a process in which the ducts in your house that lead to your furnace are cleaned. But this is not a do-it-yourself process. There are special tools that professional air duct cleaners like Dr. Clean Air that use to clean these hard-to-reach places.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services: The Process Explained

Step 1: Inspect the Ducts

Your technician will inspect your ducts that lead to the return and supply registers. This is a good first step for homeowners to take as well, so they can see the before and after differences for themselves. Your technician may use a camera to inspect your ducts thoroughly before they begin.

The technician will then repair any issues they see with the ducts. They may repair leaks, kinks, and replace any damage they see in your ducts.

Step 2: Create Negative Pressure

Your technician uses a large vacuum system that they take to the furnace. This is a very powerful high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum that creates negative pressure in your vents. They will hook the vacuum collect device’s hose to a duct close to the air handler. The technician will have to cut an access hole into the duct and seal it tight.

Next, all your supply registers are closed to maximize the negative pressure. Then they will turn on the vacuum and start cleaning each duct one at a time.

Step 3: Agitate the Dust

As your technician goes through the air duct cleaning process vent by vent, they’ll use some powerful vacuuming tools to clean the ducts. These tools include rotating brushes and compressed agitation air whipping tools to move settled dust.

Your technician will clean the supply side ducts and return vents. This will dislodge settled dust into the main lines so it can be sucked into the vacuum easier.

Step 4: Clean the Remainder of the System

Following the cleaning of your ducts and vents, the rest of your HVAC system will be inspected. This includes the furnace, air blower motor, evaporator coil, drain pan, and more. Your technician should clean up after themselves and ensure that rooms are not dustier than when they entered them. They should take you on a walkthrough of their work so you can see the difference for yourself.

Choose Only A Trusted Duct Cleaning Company

If you want to make sure your ducts are cleaned properly, call only professional companies like Dr Clean Air. We have years of experience in duct cleaning of residential and commercial properties, as well as we would be happy to serve you as well.

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