Why birds need to be removed?

While birds can be beautiful to watch from afar, when they nest on or around buildings they can cause a variety of problems that require professional removal. There are several reasons why it’s important to remove birds from structures:


Property Damage

Birds use a wide variety of materials to build their nests such as sticks, grass, leaves, paper and string. Over time, these nests can become quite large and heavy. When birds nest in inaccessible areas like gutters, eaves or wall cavities, their nests can damage building materials and cause leaks that worsen over time. Rot and mold growth can also result.

Health Risks

Bird droppings can carry a variety of diseases and parasites that pose health risks to humans. They harbor bacteria that cause illnesses like histoplasmosis and salmonella. Regular exposure to droppings and feathers can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Noise Disturbance

The noises birds make can be extremely loud and bothersome, especially when they are nesting. Chirping, squawking and other calls can occur at all hours and disturb the peace. This is especially problematic for businesses and schools.

Droppings Contamination

Bird droppings are acidic and corrosive, eating away at building materials over time. They also contaminate surfaces below nesting areas, staining walls, damaging equipment and making exterior areas unpleasant. Regular cleaning is required to mitigate the problem but droppings will continue as long as birds remain.

High Removal Costs

The longer birds are left to nest, the harder and more expensive they are to remove properly and humanely. Young birds and eggs must be dealt with to fully resolve infestations. Professional removal includes safe exclusion and cleanup.

These issues illustrate why it’s best to remove birds as soon as they begin nesting on or near structures. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and more costly to resolve. Professional removal is often the most effective solution to ensure no birds return.

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