Wireless Inspection Camera

Wireless camera inspections are equipment necessary for inspection and documenting of state of dryer vents in order to bring the invisible to light. It helps to facilitate work and ensures safety. There are some hidden problems that might be wreaking havoc on your dryer. That is where the dryer vent wireless inspection camera comes in, it will be able to identify.

Vent Vision Wireless Inspection Camera has been saving dryer vent cleaning services experts for a while now. This camera helps in the easy diagnosis of a clogged or restricted dryer vent and it has become a must-have for any dryer vent cleaning service. The video camera also helps give a clear view of what is going on in the dryer vent to leverage the most effective and efficient cleaning method to ensure the best results. Cleaning and diagnosing problems become easy!

Vent Camera | Dryer Vent Inspection Camera

How it Works

The way this camera works is simple. It is as easy as taking out the cleaning rods and attaching them to the camera fittings. Once the camera is on, use the rods for cleaning the same way the cleaning vent is being carried out. To recap:

  • Attach your vent cleaning rods to the camera.
  • Turn on the camera and monitor.
  • Insert into the vent, press on the REC, and inspect the cleaning process.

Features of a Wireless Inspection Camera

This camera combines powerful features that allow you and your customers to have an in-depth understanding of anything that is going on inside the dryer vent. It opens a new view into the machines and systems which is crucial for the ideal cleaning and maintenance. Hence, a must-have for every dryer lint trap cleaner company. The main features include:

  • Wireless Inspection Camera system comes fitting options for Snaplok, Button Lock, Prospin, or Nikro adaptors. Other fittings can be made available upon request.
  • 7-inch DVR monitor
  • 2-inch DVR wristwatch that synchronizes directly to the camera.

The wristwatch is important when you have two employees working together in order to both have access to the video and watch the footage together. It is also a most important piece of equipment that ensures convenience if you are working on the ladder.

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