There are several risks associated with not cleaning dryer vents regularly:


• First,dryer fires. Built-up lint in dryer vents is highly flammable and can easily ignite, causing dangerous dryer fires. This is one of the top hazards of neglected dryer vents.

• Then,reduced efficiency. A clogged vent reduces airflow and prevents the dryer from properly circulating heat and removing moisture from clothes. This wastes energy and time.

• Also,increased drying time. More lint buildup means the dryer has to work harder to dry clothes, increasing cycle time and costs.

• In addition,moisture damage. Excess moisture escaping from the dryer can damage walls, insulation or the structure of the home. This is more likely with a clogged, inefficient vent.

• Moreover,health issues. Lint and debris released from the dryer vent can enter the home’s air vents and be circulated, irritating allergies and respiratory systems.

• Expensive repairs. A dryer fire or other issues caused by a clogged vent often requires extensive and costly repairs to the dryer, wiring, vents, ducts, ceiling, flooring and more.

• Energy code violations. Many areas have minimum requirements for dryer vent termination and clearances that can be compromised by a clogged or improper vent, resulting in code violation penalties.

• Obsolescence. Over time, built-up lint can harden into a cement-like mass that is almost impossible to fully remove from vents. At this point, parts or whole vents may need replacement. Prevention is key.

• Other damage. Additional issues could include melted plastic or rubber dryer vent hoses, damaged lint screen grates, and animal infestation attracted to nest in the lint.

In summary, neglecting dryer vent cleaning can lead to a host of costly, dangerous and damaging problems. Regular professional inspection and cleaning is critical for safety, efficiency, performance and to avoid expensive repairs or even tragedy.

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