Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Almost all homes have some level of air pollution due to number of chemicals and processes that occur in a home ever day. Despite that being the case, there are still ways in which you can minimize air pollution without drastic changes.

Indoor air pollution is a common issue especially during the cold winter months. Of course, air quality affects everyone, but it is especially harmful for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues related to poor air quality. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to improve your air quality right away.

While some pollutants cannot be easily detected there are methods for many others. An obvious example would be a carbon monoxide detector which is generally low-cost and will ensure your home is free from the deadly gas. Radon can also be detected using home test kits. For a more accurate evaluation of your home’s air quality, have a professional assessment conducted.

Another easy example of reducing indoor pollution is to avoid bringing pollutants into the home. If paining, choose paints without volatile organic compounds (VOCS) and use chemical free building materials during renovations. For the best air quality avoid any toxic cleaning chemicals or pesticides inside the home.

Most HVAC systems include an air filter which is what the air flowing through the ducts passes through. As a result, homeowners should replace the filter every 3-4 months choosing a high quality HEPA filter or switching to a reusable filter that can be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep air quality high.

Another simple and often overlooked method is to increase the number of plants in the home.

Many popular indoor plants are great at absorbing toxins keeping the air fresh and adding to the aesthetic of the space. Examples include English ivy, peace lily, and golden pothos.

For some home owners, especially those with more severe asthma or allergy issues, consider investing in stand-alone system. An example of this is a fairly inexpensive tabletop unit that works well for a single room to ensure they don’t exacerbate the issues.

A licensed professional can address any of these issues and begin saving you money. If you are looking for help with any of these steps, or want to have your indoor air quality tested, contact the team at Dr. Clean Air and Eco Team to schedule an appointment.

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