Laundry is a vital part of our routine, so making sure you know how to prevent dryer fires is beneficial to everyone. We use washing machines and dryers for our clothes very regularly – in some cases weekly or even daily depending on the size of your family. But what were to happen if your clothes dryer catches fire? This can cost you thousands of dollars in replacements and repairs, and even your home if you’re away when it catches on fire. It is important to take precaution and have dryer fire safety measures in place.

Causes of dryer fires

Mechanical and electrical failure

Like anything with moving parts and electronic components, faulty wiring and damaged machinery can potentially cause dryer fires. While such fires are not nearly as common as they are with washing machines, it is still important to have these parts checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Improper dryer use

This refers to any fire caused by using a clothes dryer outside of the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, such as over-stuffing the appliance. However, this may also include situations involving items that shouldn’t be put in a dryer, or items with instructions advising against drying with heat.
In general, items made out of plastic, rubber, and foam  generally not suited for clothes dryers. For example, a simple bathroom item, like a bathmat with a rubber back, could potentially be a fire hazard.

How To Prevent Dryer Fires? 12 Easy Safety Steps To Follow

Tips to avoid Dryer Vent Fire:

Don’t Use your dryer without the lint filter

Don’t try to use your dryer without the lint filter because this may also cause a fire. Your dryer needs this so that it can work properly. This will ensure each dry cycle will be much less of a fire hazard and will dry your clothes faster and safer. If you don’t clean it out correctly, then that may also become a dryer lint fire starter!

Clean the dryer’s lint trap regularly

Always try to check and clean the lint trap each time before you start your machine. Whenever you feel that your dryer is not working properly or any unusual sound is coming from it, check your lint trap. If you still run into any issues, you could also contact a maintenance professional to check whether you have excess lint in your dryer vent pipe.

Don’t Leave your house with the dryer on

If you’re going to be leaving your home with your dryer on, then you should think again. It is important to make sure to turn your dryer off when you are not around. If your dryer catches fire while you’re not home, it can burn your house down and cause tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage instead of simply requiring a new dryer.

Inspect the dryer’s vents and ducts regularly

Try to make a habit of inspecting the metal ducts and dryer vents on a monthly basis to prevent dryer fires. And, if you find any blockages in the ducts and vents, ask an expert to clean them or replace them if they cannot be repaired. Otherwise, you will be at risk of a fire.

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