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Dryer Maintenance: 7 Tips To Keep Your Dryer Running In Tip-Top Shape - All  Tech Appliance Service & Repair

Proper dryer maintenance can preserve the appliance for 25 years. However, 17 % of the users encounter challenges with their dryers in the first five years. We all buy home appliances with the hope it’ll last long. It’s frustrating to regularly repair your dryer. It’s even stressful if you’ve bought a new dryer, once in a while. It doesn’t have to be the case with your dryer.

1- Clean the lint filter For Your Dryer Maintenance

Always clean the lint filter before drying each load of laundry. If you are drying a new item that creates a lot of lint, such as a bath towel or bath mat, consider drying it for half a cycle and then pause to clean out the lint filter before continuing to dry the item. Regularly check the dryer’s drum for lint accumulation.

The leading cause of clothes dryer fires is a failure to clean the dryer of dust, fiber and lint. Lint is highly combustible and can lead to reduced airflow, posing a fire hazard in clothes dryers.

2- Don’t Put Soiled Items in the Dryer

To keep the interior of the dryer clean and the machine running efficiently, don’t put anything soiled into the dryer. If you want to put clothes or towels that are wet for some other reason — a day at the pool or beach, perhaps — run them through your washer first.

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3- Replace the Ventilation Ducts

The lightweight ducts are easy to smash, and if it’s plastic, it can even melt. Such issues contribute to overheating in the dryer, which may damage the dryer.

If the dryer overheats, the risk can extend to start a fire. Research suggests that 15,970 case of home fire involves washing machines each year. To avoid damage replace the flexible ducts with metal ones.

The following are signs you need to replace the ventilation ducts.

  • If the drying time takes longer and longer
  • When the dryer or the clothes get too hot
  • Notice a burning smell from the dryer
  • The vent flap strains to open
  • If it has been more than one year before replacement

Constantly replace and inspect your ventilation duct to prevent it from burning or breaking. If you replace the ventilation duct and still has the above issues, then you should take it for repairs.

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