HVAC Tips for reducing cooling costs this spring and summer

With hydro bills soaring these last few years, energy efficiency is an important route for saving money on your house or condo. While new homes can be benefit from these tips, older homes are usually the most in need of addressing these key areas for energy savings.

Getting Started:

As the spring weather ticks up higher, so too do the cooling costs associated with running your Air Conditioning system. While it may not be feasible or necessary to replace the entire system there are ways to save money with these energy efficient methods.


Changing Filters Regularly 

Regularly changing or cleaning your air filters is the quickest way to ensure dust and debris don’t build up interfering with your system. Check the manufacturers directions or contact one of our experts for instructions as this can be everything from monthly to every few months.


Use ceiling fans

While some may not like the aesthetic, there’s no denying that ceiling fans are effective.Pushing cooled air back down in rooms that need it help to maintain a higher temperature that can mean lower monthly energy costs.


Use pre-programmed settings:

New thermostats have the benefit of being able to run at many different settings depending on the unit. Setting your temperature at a higher level for times when you are away or for a few hours after you’ve fallen asleep can help to reduce your bills even further.


Address Windows

Replace your windows if they aren’t new as a first to ensure you aren’t leaking air. If this isn’t possible, ensure your older windows are sealed at the edges and tightly closed when not in use. In the evenings, open as many windows as possible to let naturally cold air make it’s way in reducing pressure on you’re A/C system and reducing energy bills in the process.

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