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How often should I have my Air ducts cleaned?

Even with the best filters, your air ducts are going to collect debris. There will be particles that escape through the filter or enter the system through other means. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you have a filter in your system your ducts do not need to be cleaned. The average duct system needs to  clean every two to five years. If your system  properly maintained and you exchange your filters twice a year. You can increase the time between professional cleanings.

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Importance of Air Ducts Cleaning

  • Maintain Good Air Quality. The air passing through the ducts the same air your family breathes each day. Left unchecked, ducts can harbor allergens like pollen and pet dander, which can re-enter your living space through the supply registers. Though these particles aren’t necessarily a health hazard, they can pose problems for people who have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues. Having your air ducts cleaned will help improve air quality and keep your air free of airborne particles.
  • Boost energy efficiency. Dust and debris restricts the flow of air to and from the components of your HVAC system. When the ducts are clogged, your furnace or air conditioner has to consume more energy to do its job. Keeping ducts clear will ensure your units can perform at peak efficiency.
  • Protect heating and cooling equipment. A dirty ventilation system can lead to clogged air conditioner coils, contaminated blower wheels, and other issues that result in costly repairs. Making duct cleaning a part of your maintenance routine will extend the life of your HVAC system.

When should I have my air duct cleaned?

HVAC duct cleaning does not take as long as, for example, replacing your entire system. But you will still want to set aside time during a season when you are likely not going to need your system. So that there is plenty of time for the duct cleaning company to fully clean your ducts before you need to use your HVAC. The best times to have your ducts cleaned  either in the spring or in the early fall. After you have stopped using your HVAC system to cool or heat your property and before you need to start using it again.


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