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The Importance of Duct Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality | Just Venting

With little fresh air coming in, indoor air quality must recycle through the HVAC system, spreading germs, dust, mold, and allergens. This recycled air moves through duct systems, adhering to the interior of the duct work, especially in ducts with fiber linings. It’s similar to dirt on shoes. If your shoes contain treads, dirt and mud get stuck more easily, allowing you to spread it from room to room. Particulates can do the same in duct work. This means in periods like winter, where a lot of particles getting trapped inside. Your system and duct work can get pretty clogged up. While regular HVAC maintenance usually includes cleaning this dirt and debris from the air handling unit coils condensing pan, duct work cleaning often considered nonessential.


The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the level of indoor pollutants is usually two to five times higher than that of outdoor levels. In some cases, indoor pollutants can be 100 times more damaging than outdoor equivalents.
  •  On average, people spend 90% of their lives indoors.
  • Good indoor air quality in workplaces enables an ideal working environment for staff to complete tasks with a clear head and, in turn,  likely to lead to a greater standard of work being done.
  • Poor air quality can lead to coughs. Eye irritations and headaches in the short-term. And possibly more serious long-term problems if exposure to indoor air pollution is continuous.

How To Improve Air Quality

There are three commonly used ways to ensure good indoor air quality:

  1. Minimize indoor emissions
  2. Keep rooms dry
  3. Ventilate well

Do I need to get my air vents cleaned?

Although there no direct correlation between cleaning air vents and preventing health problems. It certainly the case that leaving mold and dust accumulate in air vents will substantially raise the likelihood of health problems due to poor indoor air quality. Therefore, it seem very much recommended that you organize to contain your vents cleaned by a professional cleaner. Whenever you notice evidence of mold or dust in the area. Or also an infestation of vermin inside your vents.



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