The Connection Between Air Duct Cleaning and Pest Control

Air duct cleaning and pest control are two house maintenance services that are often connected.

Air duct cleaning and pest control are two house maintenance services that are often connected. Build-up of dust, debris and other contaminants in air ducts can attract pests like rodents, insects and mold. Proper air duct cleaning removes these attractants and helps eliminate existing pest problems.

Air ducts accumulate dust and debris over time from normal use of heating and cooling systems. Wet or damp conditions within air ducts can also develop from leaks and condensation. This build-up provides food and shelter for various pests. Rodents like mice and rats may use ductwork as nesting sites and easily gain access through holes and tears in ducts. Insects like ants and roaches feed on accumulated dust and debris and use air ducts for harborage. Mold and other microbes can develop in wet ducts. When pests become established within air ducts,

They can infiltrate the entire house.

Also, rodents may gnaw on ducts and wiring, insects may infest living areas, and mold spores can spread through the HVAC system. These pest problems are difficult to resolve without first cleaning out the “bases of operation” within the air ducts.

In addition,air duct cleaning removes the dust, debris, moisture and other issues attracting pests to the ductwork. Professional contractors can use specialized vacuums, brushes and chemicals to thoroughly clean all accessible areas of the air duct system. This resets the ducts to a pest-free state.

After ducts are properly cleaned, pest control treatments may be applied if needed.

Furthermore, for rodents, baits or traps can be placed within ducts and near any entry points. Insecticides can be applied as aerosols or gels within ducts. Biocides may be used to kill mold and microbes that have developed.

In summary, air duct cleaning should accompany most pest control treatments within air ducts. Simply applying pesticides may provide temporary relief, but contaminants will quickly accumulate again, perpetuating the pest problems. Thorough duct cleaning removes these underlying issues and allows pest treatments to be most effective.

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