Professional air duct cleaning is very essential and involves a thorough multi-step process to eliminate contaminants.

Dirty air ducts can impact indoor air quality and the performance of your HVAC system. Professional air duct cleaning involves a thorough multi-step process to eliminate contaminants.

Initial Inspection

First, technicians perform an inspection of your entire ductwork system. They examine registers, grilles, vents and the main trunk lines for signs of damage or leaks.

This initial assessment identifies any necessary repairs before actual cleaning can begin.Technicians also advise on additional services to optimize performance.


Next,techniciansattach a powerful vacuumhead to ductwork openings andstart vacuuming the interior of all air ducts.

The vacuum loosens and lifts particles like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores that have accumulated inside ducts over time.


Then, brushes specifically designed for ducts are inserted and spun to dislodge even more particles trapped deep within flex ducts and corners.

The brushes agitate surfaces and work in tandem with the powerful vacuum suction to thoroughly remove embedded contaminants.

Cleaning Plenums

Technicians will also fully clean the main junctions and plenums where all supply ducts connect to the HVAC unit.

Plenums can harbor high levels of contaminants due toothier centralized location, so thorough vacuuming and brushing is especially important.

Sealing Leaks

Finally, any damage, rusted areas or leaks discovered during the initial inspection are professionally sealed using mastic sealers.

By patching allduct system leaks, indoor airflow improvesand contaminant entrypoints areeliminated for cleaner air.

Quality Assurance

Once complete, professional air duct cleaning companies will perform a final quality control inspection. Technicians confirm:

  • All ductwork was thoroughly vacuumed and brushed
  • All leaks and major points of contaminant buildup were addressed
  • The HVAC system is functioning properly before their departure

This ensures you receive a thorough and effective duct cleaning that will last for years.

In summary, a multi-stepinspection, vacuuming,brushing and sealing process helps eliminate dust,allergens, mold and otherparticles trapped inside your complex air duct distributionsystem.With professional cleaning performed regularly every 1-2 years, your HVAC system’s performance and indoor air quality greatly improve.

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