The benefits of closed-system duct cleaning

When cleaning air ducts, it is important to use a closed-system process that fully contains all dirt and debris removed from the ductwork

It is important to use a closed-system for duct cleaning process that fully contains all dirt and debris removed from the ductwork. Closed-system duct cleaning helps ensure your HVAC system and living space stay clean after the cleaning is completed.

Some key benefits of closed-system duct cleaning include:

•No mess. Closed-system cleaners use powerful vacuum equipment with sealed systems that do not allow any dust or debris to escape during the cleaning process. This keeps your home and surrounding areas free of mess.


•No re-contamination.

First,with an open duct cleaning process, the dust and allergens you just paid to remove can end up back in your vents and circulated throughout the house again. Closed-system cleaning eliminates this risk of re-contaminating your ducts after deep cleaning.

•Superior filtration.

Then,professional grade HEPA filtration used in closed-system equipment removes even the smallest particles for healthier air. Loose dirt and debris can easily escape with open cleaning and end up back in your ventilation system.

•Protects sensitive components.

Also,closed-system vacuums are specially designed to access and clean ductwork without damage. They can avoid damage to interior duct liners, coils, fans and other sensitive parts that an open cleaning process may impact.

•Prevents debris from blocking filters or vents.

In addition, all dust and debris are captured and removed from the ducts instead of just temporarily stirred up and then circulated around the system or blocked by air filters and vents.

•Leaves ducts visibly clean.

Then,with a closed-system process, the ducts visibly clean when the job is done. Also,you can see the fresh, dust-free results of a professionally deep cleaned HVAC system.

•Meets indoor air quality standards.

Finally,it is considered the best practice method to thoroughly and safely clean air handling equipment for optimal indoor environmental quality according to standards like those from ASHRAE, EPA, OSHA and SMACNA.

In summary,for the most hygienic, effective and professional duct cleaning with guaranteed results, closed-system duct cleaning should always be specified. An open or “quick clean” process will not provide the deep, dust-free clean your HVAC system and home deserve. Closed-system duct cleaning is worth the investment for health, comfort and peace of mind. 

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