Normally, you’d want to hire a professional home mold  remediation company if it covers an area bigger than 10 square feet. However, if it’s not that big of an area, you may handle it yourself. Unfortunately, mold can be dangerous, especially if you have allergies or certain health problems such as tuberculosis. That’s why, if you want to tackle mold .

here are some steps you can follow to solve your mold problem by yourself

Mold Safety Precautions

The first step to take is to take a sample before isolating everyone from the mold as much as possible. If anyone in the home has been suffering from allergy-like symptoms such as itchy eyes, headache, or fatigue, they should see a doctor as soon as possible. Prolonged mold exposure can be dangerous to all of the body’s major systems, so it helps to be as thorough as possible. Use the sample as a means to give the doctor more information about what they’re handling.

Avoid Using the HVAC System

Lastly, avoid running the HVAC system if you believe that it contains mold spores. You must either clean it beforehand or contact a professional and have it checked. By activating your HVAC system without proper cleanup, you will disperse spores all across your home.

Treat the Cause of the Mold

When the mold testers are at the home, they should be able to tell a homeowner where the mold is coming from. Whether it’s a damaged roof, a leaky pipe, or just a poorly insulated window, a homeowner will need to seal up their home or fix the components to prevent any future damage. Sometimes even a poorly monitored humidifier can cause too much moisture on the walls and inside the fibers of the carpet.

Mold Damage Removal - BİMTES

Mold Self-Removal

Removing mold is a lengthy and complicated process for many homeowners—even if only removing a small amount of mold. On the surface, it may seem as easy as buying the right fungicide. But recommended gear includes full body protection before even entering the area and high-efficiency equipment and tools for polluted air. If homeowners don’t already have this special equipment and the proper (and safe) mold cleaning solutions, they may end up spending a lot more than they intended for proper mold removal. In addition to the costs, ventilation is going to be pivotal when it comes to working in an enclosed area.

Discovering mold can be overwhelming for any homeowner, especially if the mold is affecting the health of everyone living there. However, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to remove the mold within a homeowner’s control. Understanding the type of mold and who to contact will be the key to taking care of the problem as soon as possible.

Never Paint Over Mold

When cleaning surfaces, it can be tough to get rid of pesky stains. However, whatever you do, never paint over mold. In fact, doing so can trap mold spores and offer them a dark and damp environment to grow again in the future.

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