Signs You Need to Repair Your Dryer Vent

It's important to regularly inspect your dryer vent for any damage or issues that could compromise safety, performance or prevent proper venting of moisture and lint.

It’s important to regularly inspect your dryer vent for any damage or issues that could compromise safety that venting of moisture and lint. Some key signs of a dryer vent in need of repair or replacement include:


• Excessive lint buildup.

While some lint is normal with each load, a vent that is blocked indicates poor airflow and increased fire risk. This needs to be cleared immediately and the vent checked for any damage.

• Dents, tears or crushed sections.

Any part of the vent dented or crushed will narrow the passageway further reducing efficiency and airflow. These sections need to be repaired or the vent replaced.

• Rust or corrosion.

Exposure to moisture can lead to rust forming on the vent, especially if made of uncoated metal. Rust blocks airflow and can fall into the dryer, damaging components.

• Sagging or damaged hose.

The flexible duct hose connecting the dryer to the rigid vent can become sagging over time with repeated bending. This hose is not properly venting exhaust .

• Wet or musty smells.

Any scents of wetness, moisture or mustiness emanating from the vent or around the dryer indicate poor sealing and airflow. Either the vent or hose has failed, requiring repair or replacement.

• Visible damage like holes or kinks. Look for any rips, holes in the vent or hose which directly allow exhaust to escape before reaching the outside vent. These damaged areas need to sealed or the entire vent replaced.

• Dryer is not heating or drying properly. If your clothes are taking excessively long to dry or the dryer is not heating at all, it likely indicates a blocked or damaged vent is preventing proper airflow. The vent needs to inspect and repair or replaced immediately.

When damage is detected, it is best to hire an HVAC professional to inspect your dryer vent. They have the proper parts, tools, experience and safety equipment to efficiently and effectively complete the work, ensure proper venting, and eliminate risks.

A well-maintained,damage-free dryer vent is essential for safe, efficient operation of your dryer. Regular inspections, prompt issue resolution and professional remediation of any damage helps avoid costly repairs, safety hazards, excess energy usage and other problems down the road. Performing simple checks and taking action when signs of damage appear will keep your dryer vent and dryer functioning properly for years.

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