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What Causes Mold to Grow in Air Vents?

The components of an HVAC unit contain moisture from all the dehumidification, which can lead to the production of mold in air vents. If you don’t maintain the humidity levels inside the ducts, it becomes a source for mold to thrive easily. Since air ducts are closed, dark, and don’t get checked often, it only continues to grow if it’s present. The ducts provide a conducive environment for mold as they collect dust particles, dander, pollen, dead skin cells, etc., which become their source of nourishment.  If you own an oversized AC unit, it can also lead to mold growth. A unit too large for the area won’t run much longer to dehumidify the air.

Signs Of  Mold In Air Vents

3 Signs of Mold in Your Air Ducts & What to Do | Dust Doctors Blog

Strong Musty Odors

One of the first signs of black mold in air vents is a persistent musty odor. One of the first signs of black mold in air vents is a persistent musty odor. Usually, this odor doesn’t go away with cleaning, changes in the weather, or airing out your home is one of the first signs of black mold.  In some cases, especially early in a black mold infection, you’ll only be able to smell it in certain areas of your home or even only near particular vents.

 Increased Moisture

If an area of your home or office stays damp because of excess moisture and poor air circulation, you face the risk of mold growing in the area.

 Visible Mold

Black mold growth is easy to spot when it grows on a surface. Visible signs of mold can sometimes be found on air ducts, air filters, and along shower walls, floors, and ceilings. Mold spores can also show up on or behind damp drywall.

Your Allergies Seem Worse

Another early stage sign of black mold in your air vents is a worsening of your allergies. That means that any spikes in your allergy symptoms, especially if you can’t explain the spike or you’re getting allergy symptoms outside of your typical allergy season, can be a sign that you’re dealing with black mold in AC or vents. 

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