Unsealing or poorly sealing air ducts in your home's HVAC system lead to higher energy bills and comfort issues.

Unsealed or poorly sealed air ducts in your home’s HVAC system lead to higher energy bills and comfort issues. Thus, properly sealing ducts helps ensure efficient performance.

Reduces Air Leaks

Firstly, duct sealing reduces the air leaks that occur from unsealed connections, seams and tears in the ductwork. These leaks allow conditioned air to escape before reaching rooms, wasting energy. Sealing cuts down on air leakage and energy losses from your heating and cooling system.

Improves Efficiency

Furthermore, when ducts are sealed, less conditioned air is lost, meaning the HVAC system does not need to work as hard to maintain temperatures. This improves the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. Properly sealed ducts can increase efficiency by up to 20%.

Lowers Utility Bills

Additionally, less wasted cold or hot air escaping from ducts means lower utility bills. Sealing ducts helps trap more of the conditioned air inside your home where it is needed, rather than allowing it to leak out. Over time, this savings can add up significantly.

Uses Sealant or Tape

Moreover, sealing HVAC ducts primarily involves using mastic sealant or metal duct tape on the seams, connections and joints of the ductwork. The sealant creates an air tight barrier that traps conditioned air flowing through the ducts.

Follows Seams

The process also involves visually inspecting the entire duct system and following all seams and joints. Any gaps, tears or loose connections should be sealed. Even small leaks can waste a surprising amount of energy.

Covers Transitions

Likewise, sealing should be applied at duct transitions where ducts branch off or change size, direction or shape. These points often lead to air leaks that sealing can eliminate. All parts of the ductwork need attention.

Hires Professional

In summary, while you can attempt to seal your own ducts using sealant and/or tape, professional duct sealing usually produces the best results. A technician will have the right equipment, experience caulking ducts properly, and can perform a full system check alongside sealing for maximum effectiveness. Properly sealed HVAC ducts ensure your system functions efficiently without wasting energy.

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