Save Money On Energy Bills This Winter

After months and months of mild temperatures and light snow, the cold has officially rolled in. The last few weeks have brought with them a deep chill across most of Canada. With the cold comes an increase in energy costs as you work to keep the home warm and toasty. For most families this can be hundreds of dollars spent from one month to the next. Here are some quick tips for stay warm and keeping your energy bills in check.

During daylight hours, keeping the curtains open will allow for a free energy source to make it’s way into the home: the sun. It seems simple but keeping all curtains open during the day will allow for natural sunlight to heat up the home. At a minimum, keep them open during the hottest part of the day to trap as much of the sunshine as you can.

At night, heavy curtains or black-out roller shades can help to create an additional layer of warmth by keeping in as much of that expensive warm air as possible.

Schedule regular maintenance. The better maintained the unit is the more likely it will run efficiently and effectively. Ideally, having your system maintained throughout the year will ensure that it is in great working order throughout the year.

Another example is to change your thermostat. Making the switch to a newer, more efficient  adjustable thermostat can be the easiest change for instant savings. You can also switch to a product like Nest that allows for smartphone-based control so you can heat or cool the home without being there more precisely.

Another quick tip is to install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home, and since hot air rises, they can assist in making it feel warmer inside at the same temperature allowing you to turn the home’s thermostat down 1 or 2 degrees without much change.

Schedule an appointment. A quick energy audit with a licensed professional can help find the areas in your home where you may be losing money to energy costs. These can be everything from gaps in windows to issues with insulation to issues related to your HVAC system. A license professional can complete the audit allowing you to address the issues and begin saving money.

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