Removing bird nests from dryer vents

Despite your best prevention efforts, birds may still build nests inside your dryer vent. If the birds are not leaving the nest on their own, you’ll likely need to remove it manually. However, this should be done humanely and safely.


How to Remove a Nest:

  • Wear protective equipment – At minimum, wear gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection. A dust mask is also recommended since nest material can carry bacteria, mites and allergens.
  • Seal the vent – Completely seal and tape off the vent opening to trap the birds inside. This prevents them from escaping or being injured during the removal process.
  • Inspect for eggs or young birds – Carefully examine the nest for eggs or baby birds before disturbing it. Wait until the chicks have fledged (grown feathers and left the nest) before removing an active nest.
  • Detach the nest – Gently pull the nest away from the sides of the vent where it is attached. Much of it will likely break apart during removal. Avoid crushing any eggs or live birds.
  • Empty the vent – Scoop or vacuum up any remaining nest material, feathers, and debris. Thoroughly clean the inside of the vent hose and ductwork.
  • Seal all openings – Use vent patching putty, metal tape or duct tape to securely seal any holes where the birds entered the vent. Make sure the vent is fully enclosed.
  • Deter future nesting – Consider visual deterrents like spikes, netting or flashing tape over the vent opening to help prevent the birds from rebuilding.
  • Sanitize your dryer – Run a few empty high heat dryer cycles to sanitize the drum and kill any remaining mites, bacteria or contaminants from the nest.

By removing the nest material, sealing entry points and using deterrents, you can help prevent the birds from rebuilding inside your dryer vent again. However, always exercise caution and remove nests humanely to avoid harming the birds.

With regular maintenance and inspections of your dryer vent going forward, you can reduce the likelihood of birds nesting there in the future.

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