What to Do When Your HVAC is Running, But Not Cooling

Your HVAC Is Blowing Cold Air, Here’s Why

Your HVAC Still Has To Heat Up

A HVAC involves a lot of moving parts that don’t work instantly. When the furnace is turned on, everything needs time to fire up. That said, if you’re noticing that the heater is blowing cold air, try waiting a little longer. This is especially true if this is the first time the furnace is turned on this season.

Your furnace should start blowing warm air within 15 minutes. After that, if the air still feels cold, there could be another system issue on your hands.

Set the Reset Switch to the On Setting

We recommend waiting a couple of minutes before setting the reset switch to the On position to allow excess gas to exit from the chamber in your furnace. Next, adjust the reset toggle to the Pilot setting to ensure gas is able to be transmitted to the pilot light. After you have changed this setting, locate the reset button on your furnace and hold it down while placing a match in front of the pilot light. You will observe the formation of a flame from the pilot light. Once you are able to start a flame, you will need to release the reset button.

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Check HVAC Air Filter

A dirty air filter hinders air movement through the furnace. This raises temperatures inside the furnace, and the limit switch shuts heating cycles down if the unit becomes too hot. If you have a dirty filter, replacing the filter typically stops cold air from blowing.

  • Find the filter compartment on your furnace, remove its access door if applicable.
  • Slide out and dispose of the old filter.
  • Insert a new one of the same dimensions into the filter compartment. Make sure you follow the directional markings noted on the filter frame for proper positioning.
  • Replace the access door to the compartment, if applicable.

A Low Supply of Gas in the Home

If your heater is blowing cold air, this may indicate a severe issue with the gas supply line in your home. Your furnace is designed to deactivate if it’s not receiving enough gas to perform its standard heating process. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix this issue on your own. We recommend calling a professional HVAC technician to perform a gas furnace repair project.

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