Dryer Fires

What Causes Dryer Fires?

How to Remove Lint and Avoid a Dryer Fire - Dengarden

 Crushed Hoses

Crushed Hoses causes dryer fires When you push your dryer back to the wall, you may end up accidentally crushing the exhaust hose. When the dryer can’t move the air, the resulting blowback of lint is dangerous. To protect the duct, check out the Dryer box. It allows you to push the dryer farther back. Giving you the convenient space you need and ensuring maximum airflow efficiency.

Vent Pipe: Too Far to Blow

Despite a better understanding of lint fires caused by dryers, fire experts note that this type of fire hazard started to decline, then began rising again in recent years. One reason  that laundry rooms apparently are being integrated differently by builders and architects.  Most manufacturers set a maximum duct run of about 25 feet. But according to Minnesota-based Bob Tjernlund, a lot of installations now put laundry rooms up to 150 feet from the exterior outlet. That’s probably a commercial installation, however. But even in homes, where square footage has risen to an average 2,322 square feet. Excessively long dryer runs have become commonplace

Clothing catching on dryer fires while being dried

Clothes caught on fire while being dried can be extremely dangerous because they are flammable and may explode from the heat generated when they catch fire.

Tips To Prevent Dryer Fires

Things You Should Know: Dryer Vents Can Be a Fire Hazard | Building  Performance Institute, Inc.

Clean the Dryer Duct Annually

If you notice that your dryer takes longer to dry laundry than it used to, that’s a clue that there may be a blockage in the dryer vent system. When you’re drying a load, go outside and look at the vent. Do you see or feel exhaust air? If not, the vent or exhaust duct may be blocked with lint.

Don’t Leave your house with the dryer on

If you’re going to  leaving your home with your dryer on, then you should think again. It is important to make sure to turn your dryer off when you are not around. If your dryer catches fire while you’re not home, it can burn your house down and cause tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage instead of simply requiring a new dryer.



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