How To Protect Your Home During The Winter Months

Despite the lack of snow and generally mild weather this year, winter is officially here. While the nicer temperatures are certainly appreciated, we all know how quickly this light weather can change. As such, your home is susceptible to certain issues as the cold weather rolls in. One of the ways to protect your home during this season is to conduct proper maintenance on your HVAC system. Doing so has many advantages, most important of which, is that it maintains warmth in your home and helps ensure your family breathes easier giving you valuable peace of mind during the busy holiday season.


In addition to providing your home cleaner air, regular maintenance of the furnace also ensures that it doesn’t break down during the coldest winter days. An unexpected breakdown could mean very costly repairs and the inconvienance of finding a trusted, certified technician to service the machine during the holidays – which is no easy task at this time of year.  A simple way to avoid this is to have it checked by a certified HVAC technician like the ones at Dr. Clean Air. As a trusted provider of duct cleaning services in the Ottawa area for the last 10 years, Dr. Clean Air takes great care in ensuring the quality of the air your family breathes is free of common irritants. By regularly maintaining and cleaning the air ducts of your home, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your environment, and lungs, are free of dirt, dust and other types of allergens that naturally build up over time. Typically, a full inspection which costs only $29, will include a full scan of the duct system to ensure that there are no problems with your furnace or air conditioner and the extent to which dirt has built up in the system. Build up is common in all homes and dirty vents means dirty air. A thorough inspection by a licensed HVAC technician is crucial for a correct diagnosis and the experience to get the job done right.


While some clients assume that they need to wait until the spring because of the allergens and dust that accumulate over the summer, but this is not the case. As dust and dirt accumulate year round, Dr. Clean Air suggests year round mainatenance and provides duct cleaning services throughout the year. Regular maintainence and cleaning help ensure your family breathes easier during the summer and winter months.


To get started today, contact us by phone at 613-247-5959, or through our website at Dr. Clean Air is a family owned, locally operated business dedicated to helping your family breathe easier. With over 10 years experience providing a range of services like furnace inspections, duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, maid services, carpet, and window cleaning and more, having your duct system professionally cleaned by one of our certified HVAC professionals is a vital part of dramatically improving the indoor air quality in your home.


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