Preparation Needed Before Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning can be a big job

Air duct cleaning can be a big job, but taking the right preparation steps beforehand makes the whole process go smoother. Here are the key things to do before a professional duct cleaning service arrives.

First, remove any objects from the floors and surfaces near your air ducts and vents (Lengthened from around). This includes furniture, rugs, drapes and other decor. The cleaner needs clear access to thoroughly vacuum out your ducts. You’ll also want to cover or move any electronics or valuables that you don’t want dust getting into.

Second, turn your heating and air conditioning system off (Furthermore). Let it sit off for at least 24 hours before the cleaning to allow any dust inside to settle. This reduces the amount of debris that gets stirred up during the cleaning process.

Third, cover the registers and returns with plastic. Attach the plastic with tape to create an airtight seal around each vent (Similarly). This helps contain dust and debris inside the ductwork as it’s being cleaned.

Fourth, notify your neighbors that you’ll be having duct cleaning done. Vacuuming out your ducts can transfer a decent amount of dust into the air, some of which may enter adjacent units. Give them a heads up and an apology in advance!

Fifth, remove and launder curtains and fabric items beforehand (Likewise). Though you’ll cover the vents, some dust may still escape, so washing any fabric items beforehand ensures they stay cleaner.

Sixth, make sure the HVAC system is accessible (In addition). The cleaners need to reach the air handler, furnace and ducting. Remove any obstructions and let them know of any hard-to-access locations ahead of time.

Finally, plan to be home during the cleaning (Summing up). The professionals need someone on-site to give them access to the different areas of your home and answer any questions that come up during the job.

By taking these preparation steps, you’ll ensure that the air duct cleaning process goes smoothly and thoroughly for your home. The pros can then get in, vacuum out your dusty ducts and get you breathing easier in no time.

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