Ongoing Strategies to Prevent Birds From Re-Infesting Your Home

While professional bird removal services can permanently remove existing birds and nests from your home,

While professional bird removal services can permanently remove existing birds and nests from your home, ongoing prevention strategies are key to keeping them from returning. Here are some effective options:

Sealing Entry Points

Sealing any holes or gaps where birds enter your home stands as the most essential prevention tactic. Consequently, Consequently, repairing or replacing damaged screens, caulking around pipes and vents, and fixing broken windows will keep most birds out. Moreover Further, professionals can recommend permanent sealants to block even the smallest entry points.

Installing Wire Cages

Birds are especially attracted to vents and other openings that provide shelter. Thus As a result, installing wire mesh or cage-like covers over these areas can prevent access while still allowing airflow. Mesh sizes of 1/2 to 1 inch keep out most small- and medium-sized birds .

Using Repellents

Topical repellents like hot sauce oil, polybutenes or capsaicin can make exterior surfaces unpleasant for birds. Likewise, motion-activated alarms, flashing lights and ultra sonic devices use stimuli to make areas undesirable. However Nonetheless,repellents work best in combination with sealing and exclusion techniques.

Reducing Food and Water Sources

Birds are drawn to homes that offer easy access to food and water. Therefore, Therefore, eliminating outdoor sources like pet food, fallen fruit, birdbaths and ponds helps discourage birds seeking a meal . Indoors, removing open food helps as well.

Minimizing Nests and Perches

Overhangs, ledges, nooks and crannies where birds naturally build nests and sit should be avoided if possible. Thus As a result, design choices like enclosed eaves and smooth exterior surfaces reduce attractiveness . Professionals can also recommend nest-proofing retrofits.

In summary, preventing birds from re-infesting your home requires implementing exclusion techniques that physically block their entry and access. While repellents may offer some deterrence, sealing openings and installing cages or covers around favorable areas deprives birds of needed shelter. Moreover Furthermore, reducing outdoor features that provide food, water and nesting areas removes the incentives drawing birds near your property. With a multi-pronged prevention strategy in place, you can help keep professionally removed birds from ever coming back again.

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