HVAC Problems

Common HVAC Problems and Issues

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 Your Thermostat

If you’re not getting accurate temperature readings, the first thing you should do  replace the batteries. In case your HVAC system kicks into gear after you replace the batteries, great! If you replace the batteries to no avail. There’s a distinct possibility that you need a new thermostat. Or could have other mechanical issues with your system.

Lack Of Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance by a licensed service contractor  a MUST to keep your system in proper working order. Many of the most common furnace repairs can be avoided with proper maintenance by a certified service contractor. You have likely invested thousands of dollars in your home heating system. Why not protect that investment? If you neglect to perform regular maintenance you will most likely experience unexpected costly breakdowns, increased energy cost, poor performance and frustration.

A Dirty AC Filter

A filthy air filter prevents the flow of cold air and refrigerant through the system, which forces your air conditioner to work harder. The good news is that you can usually deal with this problem on your own. If you have a disposable filter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace it regularly. If you have a permanent air filter. You can wash it yourself.

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Pilot Or Ignition HVAC Problems

Ignition problems can result from a number of causes. A dirty pilot, flame sensor, or burners can cause a pilot outage, short cycling, furnace lockout, or delayed ignition of the burners. It could also be a result of a gas supply problem or just wear and tear of an ignition component that needs replaced like the hot surface ignitor or thermocouple. Either way, it is best to contain these problems handled by a trained service technician since this deals with dangerous elements like natural gas and high voltage.

A Problem with the Refrigerant

Refrigerant is delivered to the evaporator coils in your unit so that those coils can remove heat and humidity from your home. If there is a leak somewhere in that pipeline, the evaporator coils aren’t getting the proper refrigerant flow they need to expel the hot air and humidity from your home. The most obvious sign of a refrigerant leak is the noticeable loss of cooling and possibly the presence of ice on the evaporator coils and refrigerant tubing; as a result. That leak could also mean that you don’t have enough refrigerant to cool properly.


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