Mold cleaning is necessary from one time to another to keep your home healthy. Molds can usually grow either inside your house or outside. Especially if your home is not directly exposed to sunlight, they are more likely to grow inside your household. If you do not deal with the situation as urgently as possible, they can reproduce into bigger and bigger colonies. They are really annoying and a problem encountered by the majority of families around the world. You can see them everywhere. On the ceiling, On the floor, On the carpets. Covering the unused clothes hanged in your closet or storage room. And even in the air conditioning or ventilation system of your house. So, what are the factors that promote mold growth? And what health problems do molds cause?

First, let’s begin with the factors that promote mold growth. We mentioned earlier insufficient sunlight or zero exposure to sun radiation. Other factors also include too much moisture. So, it is necessary to fix any water leaks at your home and clean the wet areas regularly. Another factor is temperature. Molds generally grow in too hot and too cold weather. Thus, in order to control mold growth, it is best to keep your home’s temperature moderate.

How can molds affect your health? Mainly, molds cause critical health problems like allergies or respiratory problems. For instance if you have newborns in your family, they are at greater risk of developing some sensitivity to molds. In severe cases, they might also have some breathing problems.

So, this is the reason why it is important to clean up the molds from your home. Contact Dr. Clean Air to book your appointment now. Our team is ready to provide you the best mold cleaning services at competitive prices! And make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to receive instant updates.

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