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The dryer vent starts to overheat with time, and some parts stop functioning properly. If you notice that your dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes, you should clean it or call a professional to do the job. There are many articles on cleaning a dryer vent, but homeowners do not know that some mistakes can cost them a lot when washing the dryer.



Avoid These Mistakes While Cleaning Out Your Dryer Vent

 Routing the Vent Into an Attic or Crawlspace

Remember, the lint that accumulates in your dryer vent is flammable. There’s only one place the exhaust should be going to maintain dryer vent safety, and that’s outdoors. Stick to cleaning your dryer vent, and leave any major work, like rerouting the vent, to the pros.

 Utilizing the Flawed Tools

Tiny dryer lint fibers can cling to the partitions of the duct, so it’s value investing in tools that do the job correctly. The Lint Lizard, about $30, attaches to the tip of your vacuum cleaner and is excellent at sucking up dryer particles. The Everbilt Dryer Vent Cleansing Package, about $17, comes with attachments for cleaning prolonged ducts.

Montana Association of REALTORS® - Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your  Dryer Vent

Bending the Duct Too Loads

Ducts bend pretty merely while you cope with them, which you’ll have to keep away from. While you reattach the duct to the dryer, make sure there are no sharp turns or bends within the tube, which can create crevices for lint to construct up and can lead to breaks.

Do Not Forget To Unplug The Dryer

Whether your machine uses electricity or gas power, the first step is to unplug it from the main supply cable. Working with the dryer when plugged in can lead to severe accidents like electric shocks. Some parts of the machine could also burn to leave you with expensive replacements to do.

Leaving The Dryer Duct Dirty For A Long Time

Ensure you check the dryer duct twice every year. If you notice any lint, clean it. Leaving the vent dirty could lead to fires and failure of the entire machine and be forced to incur expensive  repair Toronto costs.


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