Is It Worth Cleaning Air Ducts? Air conditioning systems are already designed with a built in cleaning system called an air filter. It is the job of the air filter to remove particles from the air that flows through your HVAC system.

Importance of Keeping Your Air Ducts in Good Working Condition

What is Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts work by pulling air from home into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, cooling or heating and then pushing it back through the ducts again into your home. Generally, it refers to cleaning the different components of the HVAC system, including the grilles, diffusers, registers, supply and return ducts, drip pans, heat exchangers, coils, fan motor, fan housing/casing, and the air handling unit housing.

Why Do You Want To Clean Your Ducts?

Beyond the simple fact that dust collects in air d

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ucts and things that are dusty need cleaned, air ducts can be a host for a number of things far more problematic than dust. From keeping your house free of dust to keeping allergies at bay, there are a number of reasons why keeping your air ducts clean is so important.

Is cleaning air ducts worth it?

There is, however, the matter of expenses. As you might expect, it can be incredibly pricey to turn to the experts—so, if there’s no real need to do so, you might find yourself spending money unnecessarily. If mold is really the issue though, it’s important to take action.

Factors in Calculating Air Duct Cleaning Cost  

Several factors affect overall air duct cleaning costs. Prices can differ from the national average due to the size and type of ductwork, the number of vents, accessibility, contamination level, local labor costs, and geographic location.

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A standard air duct cleaning service will likely include the cleaning of all major parts of your ductwork, including air ducts, registers, drip pan, coils and fan motor. It’s far more involved than simply vacuuming the registers in your home, and can keep your heating and cooling systems performing efficiently for as long as possible.

As long as the work involved is minor, your service professional may be able to handle these additional tasks on a same-day basis.

Factors That Affect Air Duct Cleaning Costs

A few factors come into play to determine the overall air duct cleaning costs, from the number of vents, accessibility, the type and size of ductwork, labor costs and locations.

Number of Vents

Air duct cleaning professionals typically charge by the vent. Some professionals charge a flat fee with additional vents, a trip fee that covers the overhead, plus each additional vent or a price per square foot.


Your home’s size and layout help determine the accessibility the professionals have to clean the air ducts. Therefore, if the access points are difficult to reach, it could cause the cost of the cleaning to rise. Also, your air duct cleaning estimate will be determined by the location, the contractor, and the job size.

Size Of Ductwork

Like how the layout of your home can affect its accessibility, it also determines the size of your ductwork. An average-sized home can expect to cost between $285 and $485, while a larger home with more complicated jobs could cost up to $700

Type Of DuctworkAir Duct Cleaning Services - Fresh Air Technologies

Ductworks come in many different materials that require different cleaning methods. For instance, foam board or fiberglass ducts can be vacuumed, air washed, or power brushed. But it’s essential to speak with the duct cleaning company if the type of ductwork your home has requires specialized equipment. For instance, not every company offers flex ductwork cleaning, while rigid ductwork is more straightforward to clean, and virtually every duct cleaning company should offer the service.

Labor Costs

Many professionals do not charge by the hour. Still, they will consider the number of vents, square footage, and additional factors like accessibility and air duct conditions before providing an air duct cleaning estimate.


The location of your home and your air ducts can affect your air duct cleaning cost due to accessibility for the professionals.


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