Birds Around Commercial Buildings

Birds are beautiful creatures, but they can be troublesome when they decide to nest around commercial buildings. Thus bird control is important. Apart from the nuisance, they would create with their constant chirping, having them around is a cause for health concerns.Bird Pest Control | Get Rid of Nuisance Birds | Pestech NY

Their droppings can lead to medical conditions like psittacosis, histoplasmosis or cryptococcosis.

Also, when droppings begin to accumulate, they can lead to the destruction of building structures or even ruin painted walls. They can even build their nests near ventilation vents, clogging air supply or even cause fire hazards by nesting beside electrical appliances.


Why it Matters

  • Bird droppings contain transmittable diseases: Birds transmit more than 60 diseases in their droppings . Here are a few:
    1. Avian Influenza also known as “bird flu” or “H5N1 virus” is a deadly disease for humans, it can cause symptoms that are more severe then the flu such as high fever, cough, respiratory difficulties and muscle aches.
    2. Avian Tuberculosis: is a disease that can be transmitted by inhaling microscopic organisms in bird droppings. It is a particularly hard disease to beat and can cause symptoms like swollen stomach, weight loss, imparied breathing and diarrhea.
    3. Salmonellosis: is a disease that can be found in the droppings of certain birds like sparrows, starlings and pigeons.
  • Birds can also cause damage to your building: Pigeons can poke holes in your building’s roof tiles or even remove tiles completely. If a bird is able to gain access to the inside of your building, they can cause insulation damage or rip open the packaging of stored goods. For that bird control is important.
  • Birds can contribute to pest growth: Smaller pests like to hang out on bigger pests, that is why fleas and ticks are so abundant on cats and dogs. Well, they travel on birds too. But, not just fleas and ticks, but mites and lice as well. When a bird builds a nest, smaller pests generally take over the nest and if the nest is in your building, they can take over your business too!

Commercial Bird Control | Bird Prevention Services from PSI



Bird netting is precisely what it sounds like — a large piece of mesh you can install to keep birds away from your building. It acts like a barrier to keep birds out while still allowing your business the visibility it needs to flourish.


This option typically consists of a few rows of spikes pointing upward at different angles to prevent birds from landing. You can add spikes in many different areas — windowsills, rooftops, porches or near electrical equipment. They work well because they teach birds that your building is not a comfortable or safe place to call home. The spikes don’t hurt the birds, but they are uncomfortable and awkward to land on, and most birds will quickly seek out a more hospitable option.


If spikes and netting haven’t worked, companies may want to invest in electrical deterrents instead.

Bird control wires are easy to install, and they’re discreet — many customers won’t even notice them. They work by emitting small electric shocks to encourage the birds to fly elsewhere. They tend to work best on long, flat surfaces rather than complex architectural features, and they are also more effective against larger birds like pigeons, since smaller birds may merely slip around them.


If your bird control infestation is extremely well entrenched, you may need to call  professional bird removal services  before you can invest in deterrents. Contacting a local pest control agency or your state’s fish and wildlife agency is an excellent place to start.

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