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How to prepare your furnace for the winter - Reliable Heating

when heating your home for cold Ottawa winter, size matters. An Ambassador Dearie representative takes into account the square feet of finished space, how airtight the home is, the number of windows and position of the house. Contemplating those factors will allow you to choose the right furnace for your home.

The next thing to consider is whether the contractor will do a quality job, be easy to get a hold of, and stand by the work done. Checking reviews will make it easier to choose.


Steps to Prepare Your Furnace for Ottawa Winter

Make sure your burners are all clear

Dust and debris can accumulate in your furnace, especially if it hasn’t been in use all summer. Even though we had a reasonably dry summer in Ottawa this year, when checking your burners, be sure to look for rust in and around the furnace.

Preparing Your HVAC For Cold Weather

 Create a Safe Environment For Ottawa Winter

If spring, summer, and fall have seen your furnace surrounded by a steady accumulation of boxes, clothes, and other clutter, now is the time to clear those items away and give your furnace room to “breathe”. Not only does this minimize the chances of a fire hazard, it also gives your furnace access to unobstructed airways. In a similar vein, this is also a good time to test your carbon monoxide detector and give it new batteries if needed.

From a safety perspective, it’s also a smart move to have our local furnace company come out and inspect your furnace before the weather turns cold. This is especially important if you have an older unit. A professional inspection can uncover hidden dangers that might manifest if left undetected.

 Check the heating vents.

How to Winterize Your HVAC System - Cates Heating And Cooling

This may sound obvious but it’s very important to check all your heating vents before you turn on your furnace. You may have forgotten about the bed you moved over the vent in your space room last July but now is the perfect time to make sure they unobstructed. The better the air circulation in your house, the less your energy bills will be!

 Test Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives

With your furnace having laid dormant for several months, it’s a great idea to take it for a test run before the mercury drops. The biggest things you want to check for are a) that the furnace is distributing heat equally to all of your home’s rooms, and that the temperature is comfortable that can make you get through Ottawa winter) that your furnace isn’t making any unusual sounds, i.e. rattling and banging.

 Oil the furnace blower

Your furnace blower has the important function of drawing the heat and dispatching it throughout your house. An aging furnace that hasn’t been cared for can rattle or make unusual noises. It’s very important to oil your furnace once a year to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

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