Furnace Cleaning Keeps Your Family Safe

The main function of your furnace is to keep you warm during the colder months

The main function of your furnace is to keep you warm during the colder months. However, regular maintenance through professional furnace cleaning also plays an important role in household safety. By identifying potential hazards that arise over time, proper servicing safeguards your family from furnace-related risks.

Leak Furnace Detection Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One critical safety benefit of furnace cleaning relates to verifying there are no gas or carbon monoxide leak. Over the years, cracks can form in heat exchangers, gas lines or joints which allow harmful gases to escape into your home. If left unaddressed, these leaks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning for those inside.

However, a technician performing routine maintenance will inspect the entire system for indications of damage or leaks. They then use specialized detectors to identify even tiny amounts of escaping gas. Detected leaks are immediately repaired to eliminate the hazard and protect your family’s health.

Flue Inspections Minimize Fire Risk

Another key part of furnace servicing involves inspecting the flue for blockages or damage. The flue carries exhaust from the burner and fan outside your home. Over time though, creosote buildup inside the flue can inhibit proper ventilation. Left unattended, this buildup raises the risk of a dangerous flue fire that endangers your whole house.

Thankfully, professionals clean creosote from furnace flues as part of regular maintenance. They also check that exhaust is venting correctly with no obstructions. Any damaged sections of the flue are repaired or replaced immediately. Thus, proper flue inspection and cleaning through this servicing reduces the risk of furnace-related fires in your home.

Electrical Inspections Avert Shock Hazards

Furnace cleaning additionally involves inspecting electrical wiring and components for fraying, exposed wires and loose connections. The constant vibration from the furnace blower and airflow can cause wiring to deteriorate over 15-20 years. However, loose or damaged electrical parts raise the risk of electrical fires and even electric shock for homeowners.

Professionals therefore inspect every accessible electrical connection, wire and switch during cleaning appointments. Any issues identified are repaired to eliminate potential shock and fire hazards before they cause harm. Thus, routine furnace servicing safeguards your family by catching electrical issues early.

In summary, professional furnace cleaning provides myriad benefits beyond just keeping your running efficiently. Perhaps most importantly, thorough system inspection and maintenance helps identify and resolve safety hazards before they cause injuries or damage. By catching carbon monoxide leaks, minimizing flue fire risks and averting electrical dangers, routine servicing protects what matters most – your family’s wellbeing and safety.

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